The SoCal Super Bloom and Where to View It

Chloe Bagley | Staff Writer

The aptly titled “Super Bloom” refers to the time of the year when Southern and Central California’s valley floor erupts with vibrant wildflowers. Following a particularly rainy winter for us Californians, the flowers are making quite the appearance. This year’s Super Bloom is one of the most abundant California has seen in years. These wildflower seeds have laid dormant through the drought and are finally blossoming after the stormy season. Areas all over the Southland are covered with lupines, cream cups, goldfields, delphiniums and the California-famous golden poppies.  

If you’ve seen the pictures circulating online of beautiful Southern California hills covered in orange poppies but don’t know where to find them for yourself, look no further. These are the best places to experience it for yourself.  

Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore

Only an hour drive from APU’s campus is Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore, one of the best hiking spots for prime Super Bloom viewing. Known for its remarkable amount of poppies and several leisurely trails to explore, this location offers a diverse selection of incredible views. Lake Elsinore is the largest freshwater lake in Southern California and the lake shores are beautifully carpeted with the flowers. Just park on Lake St. and follow the trails in any direction.

Chino Hills State Park

An even closer option is Chino Hills State Park. With only a $5 fee to enter the park, this location offers a mile of  wildflowers to hike alongside.  If you’re just looking for an afternoon trip, Chino Hills is your spot.  Displaying a beautiful selection of wildflowers over a the course of a short hike and a few hills, Chino Hills State Park gives just the perfect taste of the Super Bloom while avoiding the crowds and long drives.  

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

This location is for those who are looking to dedicate their Saturday to spending time in nature. Some of the most incredible landscapes can be found just two hours  from campus. Due to its consistent debut of poppies every year, the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is a favorite for spring wildflower viewing. This reserve is cared for by the California Parks Department, allowing for the flowers to be admired in a protected manner and in their fully natural state.

Although the Super Bloom is predicted to last longer than usual due to the late rainfall this past winter, the flowers will only be in full bloom for a couple more weeks. Make sure to mark off an afternoon or weekend in April to enjoy one of Southern California’s most exceptional natural beauties.

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