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Just believe in SOMETHING

By Faith Vander Voort Growing up in a household with a politically vocal father, I have cared far more about politics than most of my peers throughout the years.  My first political debate occurred over the Bush-Kerry election in 2004; I was eight years old and in the third grade.  Who was I arguing with?  My school librarian. My

From the Desk of the EIC: Real work

This week I decided to create a professional website for myself. Why? Because as a soon-t0-be college graduate, my goals are starting to shift from passing classes and doing well on exams to getting a job in the “real” world. It’s a scary and intimidating thing to think about. But as I spent Sunday afternoon

Latinos Serving Latinos exemplifies dreaming and diversity

By Gina Ender The arrival of 55 Latino high school students to APU on March 19 could not have been more amply timed. After months of discussion between students and staff, faculty and friends, APU was shown the truth: our campus is increasing in its ethnic differences. The Latin American Student Association, among other ethnic

Lazy River Edition

By Sara Champlain I grew up in church, so the idea of surrendering my life to Christ is one that I have grown accustomed to. I consult him when I make big decisions; I tell him my options and then I wait for his response, or open to a random page in the Bible and