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Come to Writers Read!

By Sara Champlain On Thursday night at 7:00 pm in LAPC, APU students and faculty, including Janice Baskin, Mario Berny, Nancy Brashear, Danielle Bown, Melinda Cabrera, R. S. Carlson, Sara Champlain, Charles L. Crowley, Katherine DuPont, Ashlee Ginn, Mercedes James, Sam Kendrick, Christine Kern, Yolanda Kong, Sharon Lee, Katie Manning, Kathryn Ross, and Katrina Sudman

Photojournalism envy

By Gina Ender I am consistently in awe of really quality photography and design. As a journalist, my goal is to create in reader’s minds what a visual can do instantly. My problem is, and I am sure other writers feel similarly, that it is often hard to limit myself to one photo. It may

From the Desk of the EIC: Finish Line

By Kaity Bergquist We are about three and a half weeks away from the end of the semester. I can’t believe it! School is kind of like a roller coaster, where you slowly inch up to the top and then suddenly you’re plunging towards the bottom at full speed. As we near the end of

The NSA is watching us

By Jessie Gomez With over 1.2 million individuals on the NSA watch list, many citizens are unaware of the surveillance they encounter on a daily basis. Leaks by ex-CIA systems admin, Edward Snowden, have highlighted the alarming amounts of unwarranted spying the agency has been doing on United States citizens. Many phone companies such as