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Book Review: The News Sorority

By Kayla Johnston I was recently asked to read Sheila Weller’s The News Sorority for a Global Journalism class. The book details the personal and professional journeys to news media fame of Diane Sawyer, Christiane Amanpour and Katie Couric. For anyone, but especially journalism students and extra-especially women, this book is a motivational account of

Come to Writers Read!

By Sara Champlain On Thursday night at 7:00 pm in LAPC, APU students and faculty, including Janice Baskin, Mario Berny, Nancy Brashear, Danielle Bown, Melinda Cabrera, R. S. Carlson, Sara Champlain, Charles L. Crowley, Katherine DuPont, Ashlee Ginn, Mercedes James, Sam Kendrick, Christine Kern, Yolanda Kong, Sharon Lee, Katie Manning, Kathryn Ross, and Katrina Sudman

Just believe in SOMETHING

By Faith Vander Voort Growing up in a household with a politically vocal father, I have cared far more about politics than most of my peers throughout the years.  My first political debate occurred over the Bush-Kerry election in 2004; I was eight years old and in the third grade.  Who was I arguing with?  My school librarian. My

Tricky grammar rules you may be getting wrong

By Kayla Johnston By now, (I’m praying) most of us know the basic grammar rules – they’re vs. their vs. there, it’s vs. its, etc. – but what about the lesser know, trickier rules? There are plenty of grammar mistakes I still make on a daily basis, I’m sure, but in an effort to create

Lazy River Edition

By Sara Champlain I grew up in church, so the idea of surrendering my life to Christ is one that I have grown accustomed to. I consult him when I make big decisions; I tell him my options and then I wait for his response, or open to a random page in the Bible and

Absolutely watch House of Cards

By Faith Vander Voort Like many other college students, I spent quite of a bit of my free time watching shows on Netflix. I have hopped from “New Girl” and “Grey’s Anatomy” to “House of Cards.” Listen to me very closely, “House of Cards” is a remarkable television show, but it is not for the faint of

Internships…GET ONE

By Faith Vander Voort Most college students push the thought of an internship to the back of their mind until junior and senior year, and let me tell you… STOP! The greatest myth about internships is that you are too young for one. With a mother as a recruiter/headhunter, I hear the do’s and don’ts all the

One is silver and the other’s gold

By Faith Vander Voort Leaving home and growing up is a necessary and beautiful (sometimes painful) process of self-discovery and independence. In my particular case, that process occurred, and is still occurring, 2,000 miles away from home. It’s natural to evolve as the people around you evolve, and I would say that college has been