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From the Desk of the EIC: Farewell

By Kaity Bergquist After eight semesters of being a part of student newspapers, I am soon to be retiring. This is my last issue as Editor in Chief of the Clause, and it’s bittersweet. I’m relieved to have survived this semester, but I’m also sad to be leaving behind my staff and great experiences. I’ve

From the Desk of the EIC: Finish Line

By Kaity Bergquist We are about three and a half weeks away from the end of the semester. I can’t believe it! School is kind of like a roller coaster, where you slowly inch up to the top and then suddenly you’re plunging towards the bottom at full speed. As we near the end of

From the Desk of the EIC: Real work

This week I decided to create a professional website for myself. Why? Because as a soon-t0-be college graduate, my goals are starting to shift from passing classes and doing well on exams to getting a job in the “real” world. It’s a scary and intimidating thing to think about. But as I spent Sunday afternoon

From the Desk of the EIC: Making a difference

By Kaity Bergquist This week I’ve been thinking about the fact that there are seven weeks left in the semester. One, because I can’t wait for summer. But secondly, seven weeks means three more Clause issues and my last seven weeks as editor in chief of the newspaper. I’ve been in college media for a

From the Desk of the EIC: Being inspired by others

In my few years as a student journalist, I’ve found that one of the biggest resources available to us is the work of other student journalists (and professional journalists, too, of course!) During spring break, I got the opportunity to visit my community college newspaper, the one I spent 2 1/2 years on before transferring

From the Desk of the EIC: Front Page Design

By Kaity Bergquist As Editor in Chief, it’s my job to design the front page of the newspaper. I’ve been in love with page design since I first started designing sports pages at my community college newspaper in Spring 2011. My editor wasn’t going to start me on page design right away, but I was

From the desk of the EIC: Second time around

This semester, I’m in the position of Editor in Chief for the second time in my college years. About two years ago, I became the Editor in Chief for my community college newspaper, The Telescope at Palomar College. It was such a good experience, but of course, it was a lot of work. This time