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Photojournalism envy

By Gina Ender I am consistently in awe of really quality photography and design. As a journalist, my goal is to create in reader’s minds what a visual can do instantly. My problem is, and I am sure other writers feel similarly, that it is often hard to limit myself to one photo. It may

The NSA is watching us

By Jessie Gomez With over 1.2 million individuals on the NSA watch list, many citizens are unaware of the surveillance they encounter on a daily basis. Leaks by ex-CIA systems admin, Edward Snowden, have highlighted the alarming amounts of unwarranted spying the agency has been doing on United States citizens. Many phone companies such as

Latinos Serving Latinos exemplifies dreaming and diversity

By Gina Ender The arrival of 55 Latino high school students to APU on March 19 could not have been more amply timed. After months of discussion between students and staff, faculty and friends, APU was shown the truth: our campus is increasing in its ethnic differences. The Latin American Student Association, among other ethnic

Voting starts now

By Gina Ender I know what you are thinking; it is only the beginning of 2015. You are still writing 2014 at the top of your notes. 2016 seems really far away. You could say all of these things, but that does not mean that you should not start preparing yourself for the next presidential

Oscars night brings up serious issues

By Jessie Gomez Hooray, the Oscars did not fry my brain tonight! Among the many awards and cheesy puns by Neil Patrick Harris, the world got the chance to experience a great view of the Oscars. As the event celebrated the cinematic world, many of the award recipients engaged their audience in important conversations. Issues

A thank you note to Snapchat

By Gina Ender Dear Snapchat, Up until recently, we saw you as a silly space-filler app in the ‘Social’ folder of our iPhones. Your main purpose was efficient selfie swapping between friends, a time passer in between classes. Not anymore, Snapchat. We would like to thank you for adding the ‘discover’ feature, helping Snapchat users

On engaging and choosing sides

By Gina Ender Journalists are trained to check our opinions at the newsroom door. We obviously have our insights and thoughts on the news we report, but our job is to present the news, not share our biases. This is the exact reason that readers need to become engaged with news. Journalists are not here