Don’t worry, twinkies will survive

No more Wonderbread? No more Twinkies? Are America’s iconic snacks going away forever? The answer is no.

Before Twinkie lovers run out and buy a surplus of their favorite Hostess treats, which have been commonly known to have an expiration date lasting more than 50 years, they should know Twinkies and other well-known Hostess snacks are not going anywhere… yet.

In the past couple of weeks there has been much speculation whether our beloved childhood Hostess desserts are being taken off grocery store shelves. But don’t worry; America’s favorite ‘golden sponge cake with creamy filling won’t be gone for long.

Hostess, the second largest bread baker in the country, announced last Friday they have gone bankrupt and will be forced to shut down. The company’s bakers held a strike in January, and unfortunately, Hostess could not sustain business during that time.

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike,” CEO Gregory Rayburn said.
Hostess had annual sales of about $2.5 billion. The company said it had been making 500 million Twinkies and 127 million loaves of Wonder Bread annually before Friday’s shutdown.

Although Hostess will be terminating production indefinitely, causing over 18,500 employees to lose their jobs, many companies have already expressed interest in buying their products. Therefore, Twinkies, Ding Dongs and HO HOs are likely to stay at 7-11 and various grocery stores.

Hostess said it did not have a time frame for when the sales would take place and when its products would be available again, but are confident that companies will buy out their recipes, allowing Americans to continue to consume millions of Hostess’ products.

For some APU students, the absence of Twinkies and Ding Dongs will not be such a bad thing.
Junior applied health major Allie Beaver never ate Hostess treats as a child and thought it was great the company was going out of business.

“They don’t make real food,” Beaver said. “Their products are so processed and don’t have any nutritional value. No one should be putting that into their bodies.”

Very few of the 39 ingredients that make up a Twinkie would be recognizable to the average person. Therefore, many would agree its contents are nutritionally worthless. Then why are these guilty pleasures so irresistible to so many? Perhaps it is less about the taste and more about the cherished childhood memories that draw us to these less than average desserts.

“Twinkies bring back some memories because my grandma’s house was literally the only place my cousins and I got them,” junior business administration major Christy Cain said. “But it [Hostess going out of business] really won’t have an effect on me. I haven’t had them in years.”

Although it is true that Hostess will no longer exist, there is no doubt these indulgences you hate to love will be bought out by competing companies. For some, this is great news. For other health conscious students, they would rather Twinkies stay in their memory banks rather than in the bellies of millions of Americans.