The Twilight saga comes to an end

Vampires, werewolves, an immortal child, an epic battle and a love that will be remembered forever, these are the things to look forward to with the final film installment of Stephanie Meyer’s supernatural romance series ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’. Four years of box office success, crazy Twi-hards and watching the adventures of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are coming to a sad, but satisfying end.

Since its November 16th release date, “Breaking Dawn Part 2” has taken the number eight spot in the Top 10 Box-Office Openings and earned $141.3 million in its premiere weekend. Senior cinema production major Andria Schultz saw it three times within its first two days, which included a 1 a.m. showing and two trips in the same day during her home visit.

“I think this one was the best one out of all of them because the graphics were so much better than the first three movies that they did,” Schultz said. “Also, I think Bella developed her character so much better that it really helped the flow of the movie go smoother and the script stuck to the book a lot more thoroughly.”

Four books and five movies later, the Twilight Saga will live in the hearts of its fans for years to come. Those who are fans of the series have taken a journey alongside lovebirds Bella and Edward and watched their relationship grow. The franchise (not including the Breaking Dawn Part 2 box-office earnings and future DVD sales) has made over $4 billion dollars in merchandise, books, rentals, DVD sales and box-office revenue. With success like this within only a couple years, it’ll be interesting to see how the numbers grow now that it has come to an end.

Sophomore cinematic arts major Hayley Stroh has been a fan of the vampire love story since day one. She has read the books over a dozen times, has been to the midnight premiere of each movie and is Team Edward all the way. When she was asked if she wanted to upgrade her 12 o’clock showing to a 10 o’clock one on the night of the premiere, she was very excited and was extremely happy that the movie met all of her expectations.

“I love the Twilight series not because it’s a story about vampires and werewolves, but because it’s about choices that are tough and that not many people have to make,” Stroh said. “Edward loves Bella so much he would do anything for the good of her well being even if it means having to let her go. I know that the romance aspect is one reason it’s so popular and it’s definitely one of the reasons I enjoy it.”

Anyone who has ever heard of anything related to Twilight usually knows that love plays a strong role in the plot of the story. Female fans find it hard not to swoon whenever Edward says something passionate about his love for Bella or when a romantic moment occurs. And don’t even get me started on that wedding scene. But it’s obvious that Meyer played off the romance aspect for the series. The majority of the fans are female and they are the ones who have helped the Twilight Saga become what it is today.

Senior journalism major Josh Ouelette is not particularly a fan of the franchise, but he sucked it up and watched the finale on its opening weekend. He enjoyed the way the beauty of Forks, Washington was captured on film (despite it being a fictional town), and was simply captivated by Bella’s supernatural transformation.

“It was good for its time,” said Ouelette. “It definitely played a role on the female population of this generation. I personally wasn’t too enamored with the series as a whole, but it did have its redeeming moments from the three movies I did see. So while I wasn’t a huge fan, I wasn’t exactly an anti-fan of the series.”

While the Twilight Saga may be over, it won’t be too hard for fans to fill the Edward or Jacob shaped void in their hearts. It sparked an interest in the supernatural romance that has become a phenomenon all over the world (The CW’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf), and even inspired some best-selling fan fiction (50 Shades of Gray). “Breaking Dawn Part 2” is currently the number one movie in the world. With Kristen Stewart shedding her painful awkwardness, an epic battle scene and an ending so shocking that it’ll make your head spin, why not join the ranks of Twi-hards everywhere and give this vampire love story a chance?