Cougars Lose Series in Double-Header Defeats

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APU Sports Information- Courtesy
Matt Kimmel leaps and stretches for a long fly ball, much like the Cougars reached and were stretched against CSUSB all weekend.

During a Feb. 9 double-header, APU lost its last two games against Cal State San Bernadino 5-15 and 1-8, respectively. Causing the Cougars to drop to 1-4 on the season.

In the first inning of the first game, the Coyotes got three unearned runs after just getting one hit. Left fielder Remington Miller hit a single which drove in center fielder Aaron Beckler to score a run. Right fielder David Silvas got on base after the Cougar short stop made an error, Miller and first basemen Trevor McMaster scored unearned runs. APU behind early 3-0.

APU put a run on the board in the bottom of the second after short-stop Andrew Carrillo singled out to right field, first basemen Richie Brown scored.

The Coyotes gained another three runs in the third inning. APU gained another run after second basemen Ryan Henley hit his first homerun of the season.

In the fourth the pitching battle was not in APU’s favor, allowing five runs and five hits in the inning.

San Bernadino gained another run when second basemen Jake Pilkerton hit a sacrifice fly in the fifth, which scored designated hitter Richard Mount.

The Cougars had only 3 strikeouts in the first game, but did leave 11 men on base.

APU had six pitchers in the game not one lasted more than two innings.

In the second and final game of the double-header day against San Bernadino the Cougars were not able to get many runs.

APU was the first team to get a run on the board and it would be their last. Kimmel grounded out to second base and left fielder Joseph Daris scored, who got on base after hitting a single up the middle.

San Bernadino answered right back with two doubles, hit by designated hitter Billy Hamilton and second basemen/shortstop Jake Pilkerton. San Bernadino scored two runs. San Bernadino scored another five runs in the third and another run in the fourth.

The Cougars pitching at least fared a little better in this game. Hunter Brown lasted three innings giving up seven hits and three strikeouts. Nate Namanny took over for Brown in the fourth. Namanny lasted four innings and had two strikeouts.

The Cougars did have eight strikeouts, which was more than there previous game but less than their first game of the series against San Bernadino.

They also had only six hits and left seven men on base.

After losing all three game of the series against San Bernadino the Cougars are now 1-4.

APU will face Concordia at home on Tuesday at 5 p.m.