Community among commuters

A large part of the APU community on campus consists of students who commute to and from APU for class each week. Commuter Services provides these students with special events designed specifically for them, with one idea in mind: community.

On Wednesday, April 10, Commuter Services hosted a Mediterranean-themed dinner in Seven Palms. Students were invited to enjoy dinner together and fellowship with other commuters.


Commuters enjoy fellowship and a Mediterranean-themed meal together.
Photo: Lauren Duran

Commuter Services offers similar events every month. In recent months, commuters have been able enjoy commuter breakfasts and lunches together, and in April they were provided with dinner events, as well.

Commuter Services provides felllowship opportunities for commuters. Along with their regular meals, this year they also hosted bingo game nights, movie nights, beach trips, a trip to Sky High and off-campus dinner outings—all with the idea of community in mind.

Commuter Services interns Jonathan Clem, a graduate College Counseling and Student Development student, and Caitlyn Brennan, a senior biblical studies and liberal studies major, have worked hard this school year to help commuters find their sense of belonging within the university.

Both Clem and Brennan agree that the number of students that attend the events does not reflect their overall success.

“A good event is not measured solely by numbers,” Clem said. “The quality of interaction that students have with one another is what is important.”


Photo: Lauren Duran

Brennan has had many opportunities to connect with students individually over coffee, with one-on-one conversations and through the events planned by Commuter Services designed to get the students involved.

“Commuter services is meant to be a resource to students who want to build a community on campus,” Brennan said. “We are really here to encourage commuters to get plugged in to other areas as well. We want to hear [their] concerns and when commuters are struggling so that we can point them in the right direction.”

Future commuter students should anticipate similar events as well, whether it be through breakfasts, lunches, dinners or a variety of fun off-campus events.

“Having a sense of community among your university is important because it allows you to do well in school and in life, and allows for the developing of current relationships and gives avenue for new ones to grow,” Clem said.

According to Clem, Commuter Services is looking to create a specific location in the future for commuters to hang out at while they are on campus.

Living off campus does not have to mean that you must miss out on the sense of community that APU has to offer. Whether a student is living on campus or commuting, there are always new ways to get involved and build relationships with other students.

A final “Send Off Dinner” for commuters will take place on Thursday, April 18 in the Cougar Dome.