How to get away with morning classes

Wake Up.jpg

School is hard, but when you have to begin classes at eight in the morning, it is near impossible! Although waking up at the crack of dawn is daunting, here are a few tips that can perk you up and get you going.

1. Set an alarm.

Normal, right? Good, but here is the trick: Put it across the room. It’s a great way to wake up, and if your alarm doesn’t wake you up, then your begrudged roommate will. It’s a win-win all around.

2. Say goodbye to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

You don’t have to say goodbye forever, just while you are trying to get some shuteye. Going to sleep is a lot easier if you don’t have a bright screen in your face.

According to an article, “9 Easy Ways to Wake up Earlier and More Refreshed,” published by Business Insider, the light on the screen imitates the sun. When that happens, your body stops producing an essential hormone, melatonin, which is essential for a good sleep.

So, place the device down, and if you are still having trouble sleeping, start counting those sheep.


3. Get a pocket of that sunshine.

You need melatonin to go to sleep, but you also need it to shut off in order to wake up alert, and morning sunlight does that for you. Don’t be afraid to open those blinds.

4. Don’t go too hard at dinner.

Eating right before you go to bed can prohibit you from having the restful sleep you crave. Eat several few hours before go to sleep, rather than midnight snacking. In an article, “Too Early to Get up, Too Early to go to Sleep,” Harvard Medical School suggests that if you get hungry between dinner and bedtime, eat something that is easy on your digestive system like applesauce or yogurt.

5. But then go “ham” for breakfast.

Plan a delicious breakfast the night before so you have something to look forward to and help get you out of bed.

6. Cheer for yourself.

When the alarm goes off, sit up, clap for yourself and shout “YES!” because you woke up and made it to the next day. Everyone deserves affirmation for that.

Now get on going! Have that breakfast that you love, grab your books, get some sunshine and hit the road. You are now ready and prepared to conquer your morning classes.