Doughnuts and ice cream

By Becky Kay

Something that I recently discovered is the deliciousness of a doughnut stuffed with ice cream. This isn’t just any ice cream sandwich but an ice cream sandwich that contains specialty ice cream stuffed inside a milky bun, which is a glazed doughnut.

This beautiful creation can be found at the somewhat new store called, Afters in Chino Hills, California. Only about a twenty minute drive from school, Afters is popular for their milky bun that only costs $5 (not including tax). The first bite into this treat was unlike anything I’d ever tasted. I ordered the Cereal and Milk ice cream Milky Bun. This consisted of ice cream that somehow tasted just like sweet cream milk and had corn flakes mixed in, just like milk and cereal, then this ice cream is stuffed between two Milky Buns and finally put together by doughnut glaze.

There are also plenty of other flavors to choose from like, Jasmine Milk Tea, Cookie Monster, Cookie Butter, Churro and many more! I highly suggest taking the trip to Afters for a sweet treat, the only downfall of this tasty creation is that you have to eat it pretty quick in order that the Milky Bun doesn’t melt the ice cream!