From the Desk of the EIC: Farewell

By Kaity Bergquist

After eight semesters of being a part of student newspapers, I am soon to be retiring. This is my last issue as Editor in Chief of the Clause, and it’s bittersweet. I’m relieved to have survived this semester, but I’m also sad to be leaving behind my staff and great experiences.

I’ve loved being a part of this staff. They’ve made my job so easy because they are amazing at their jobs. To the Clause staff – thank you for everything you do and all the hard work you’ve put into this paper. I’ve been so proud of the work we’ve done every week because we did it as a team. It was wonderful sharing this time with you, and I know each one of you is going to do amazing things.

As for me, I still have one more semester to enjoy here at APU. With my graduation date slowly but surely approaching (Dec. 19!), I am starting to reflect on all my incredible college experiences, especially as a journalism major. I’ve gotten to write some amazing stories and talk to so many interesting people. I’ve gotten to produce a newspaper for students to read and be informed.

But most importantly, I’ve developed relationships with the most awesome people. That’s the best part of it all.

Thank you for allowing me to lead this newspaper and share stories with you. It’s been a honor. Farewell.