The NSA is watching us

By Jessie Gomez

With over 1.2 million individuals on the NSA watch list, many citizens are unaware of the surveillance they encounter on a daily basis. Leaks by ex-CIA systems admin, Edward Snowden, have highlighted the alarming amounts of unwarranted spying the agency has been doing on United States citizens.

Many phone companies such as Verizon and AT&T have agreed to release customer data, phone numbers and even access to tap into phone lines and user calls.

Two years after the recent leaks showcasing the corruption of the NSA, the United States government has yet to resolve issues since the agencies ambiguous detail.

As a citizen of this nation, I believe our government continues to infringe on our right to privacy by hacking into our data, cellphones, social media sites and other personal data.

Individuals such as Snowden ought to be praised for their rebellion against corrupt governments who feel the need to unjustly tap into personal means.

Our government still has a long way to fight in order to gain a fair a just democracy in this nation.