Successful open mic night reveals students’ talent

By Cole Stevens, Guest Writer

Communiversity hosted an Open Mic Night in the Rose Garden on East Campus in front of a large, standing-room-only audience on Friday evening. The event lasted a full 90 minutes with about 18 acts total.

The popularity of the event drew more participants than anticipated, so the original plan was expanded with the help of the event coordinator, senior communication studies major Kayleigh McNaughton.

“Originally we were looking at maybe 10 [acts], and then we got an overwhelming amount of people wanting to do it,” McNaughton said. “So [eventually] we had to stop it because we had too many people.”

Along with being a Communiversity event coordinator, McNaughton is also a preforming arts intern. She said this was the first time she had ever worked on this kind of event.

“As far as turnout, I’m feeling really good about it compared to some of the other ones,” she said.

There were a lot of moving parts and pieces to this event. McNaughton highlighted that the planning and setup process of the event was definitely a big part of the night.

“Our big thing is to try and get as many people as we can from the entire school reach out to us,” McNaughton said. “Then after that, it’s all logistics of timing and how many people we can fit and editing performances in and things like that.”

McNaughton explained that a lot of planning and brainstorming happened prior to the event. John Christiansen, another performing arts intern, McNaughton and their supervisor, Jacky Rios, worked together to create the event.

Another member of the staff, junior allied health major Daniel Choi, helped with moving and placing things for the event.

“I think John and Kayleigh and Jacky, the performing arts crew, did an amazing job,” Choi said. “They planned ahead really well, [and] just letting people do their thing and showing everyone their talents, whether it was comedy or [whether] it was singing, it was a blessed opportunity to see something so beautiful and gathered as a community.”

One student performer was sophomore ministry major Jordanne Clark. Clark was supposed to be in a duet with her roommate, but she could not make it to the event last minute.

Clark, who just picked up playing guitar over summer, performed the song “Someone Like You,” by Adele, with an APU remix to it. She said she and her roommate chose the song in a spur-of-the-moment scenario.

“[It was] the other night, when my roommate and I were hanging out in the apartment…We were just having fun,” Clark said.

Despite her eagerness, Clark said she still experienced some nerves, especially the day of the event.

“I was so nervous because I got off work at 8:30 p.m. and then went on at 8:45 p.m. I was so afraid, and I was like, ‘You know, God, it’s meant to be funny,” Clark continued. “If I ruin it, it will be funny and if I nail it, it will be funny. I like to make people laugh.”

Some upcoming events to watch for are the homecoming dance (Oct. 28), and an event coordinated by the performing arts interns called “Jazz, Art, Coffee.”