Commuters appreciate luncheon

From noon to 1:30 p.m., Azusa Pacific commuters were provided with free food and drinks in the Cougar Dome. Students walked in, provided verification of their commuter status and were helped to burritos from Juan Pollo, a local Mexican restaurant.

After students made the choice between chicken burritos and bean and cheese burritos, they grabbed a beverage and found a seat next to fellow commuters.

Isaac Palacios, a freshman business major and commuter, enjoyed the choice of catering.

“The food was great,” Palacios said. “I’ve had Juan Pollo before because it is just down the street, and I think it’s pretty good.”

Juan Pollo seemed to be a big hit for commuters who attended the lunch event. Another fan of Communiversity’s choice in catering was David Seok, a senior applied exercise science major.

“Food-wise, Communiversity is usually really good at choosing caterers,” Seok said. “It’s very beneficial for commuters because of how much food they provide us.”

Another positive aspect of the Commuter lunch was the atmosphere. Palacios noted the lunch event was comfortable and efficient.

“I liked the environment inside Cougar Dome today,” Palacios said. “The process of checking in and getting the food was super quick and people were happy about it.”

The Communiversity staff played a huge role in putting on this event. Staff sat at the tables towards the front of Cougar Dome, checked in commuter students and handed out food and drinks.

Daniel Choi, a junior allied health major and Communiversity staff member, says the lunch, along with other commuter events, are put on in order to show their support and gratitude.

“The purpose behind these events is to get commuters involved and to show that we appreciate them,” Choi said. “Sometimes, there are a lot of things that happen on campus that off campus people miss. So we want to give them lunch and an opportunity to hang out with other commuters and really get to know the community around them.”

Choi was pleased with the response of commuters and how the lunch turned out.

“We always get a huge response when we offer free breakfast or free lunch,” Choi said.

Every month, Communiversity coordinates events where they offer free food to commuters. Choi noted the importance of these events.

“People just want to have something to look forward to,” Choi said. “So we do this every month and we provide something different every time.”

Palacios expressed their gratitude for these types of events geared toward commuters like themselves.

“I like them a lot. Especially since they benefit me and my situation,” Palacios said. “Last semester I had a meal plan, but this semester I do not. So they help me out a little bit.”

Although commuters like Palacios and Seok enjoyed their free lunch, both of them mentioned timeliness problems concerning the notifications of events.

“I feel like they can do a little bit better notifying us of events,” Palacios said. “Sometimes, I won’t receive notifications until after the event happens.”

Seok shared a similar sentiment.

“The only thing I think they can improve on is communication,” Seok said. “They’ll email us a couple hours before an event, which is not ideal for me and my schedule.”

Choi addressed these concerns by encouraging commuters to refer to posters around campus as well as the online Communiversity calendar for future events.