Pre-screening of ‘I Want Your Money’

By Anthony Montes

On September 28th, the documentary I Want Your Money was shown in Wilden Academic Center. The initial release of the film is not until October 15th. However business grad Joshua Millage was able to receive the movie beforehand.

“I went to the first showing, met the marketing director and convinced him to let us have a pre-screening here at APU,” Millage said.

The atrium was set up with rows of chairs, sadly only a small handful of students came to view the film. Those who did not attend missed out on a great experience. The film stated how our national debt is raging out of control. The main discussion bounced back and forth between the way President Regan ran the country and how President Obama is running the country. 

The pre-screening was put on by Millage’s organization Free Thinkers for Liberty. The purpose of this group is to create social and political change at APU. The organization plans to have documentary showings like I Want Your Money in the future to promote Conservative and Liberal conversations amongst the student body.

Overall, the documentary was awesome. Check it out once it releases. You won’t regret it.

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