Urth Caffe, West Hollywood

Raelene Kajkowski  |  Contributing Writer

Urth Caffe, home of the famous exclusive organic coffee and fine teas, has four locations throughout the Los Angeles area: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Pasadena. They offer healthy entrees and desserts that range in vegan selections. Since I intern at the Diesel showroom in West Hollywood, I decided to try out this talked-about cafe called Urth for lunch.

Located in the heart of the design district on Melrose Avenue, the cafe has grown to be a popular hangout spot for starlets. Even though the desserts and meals can draw a crowd alone, the high-end celebs who come and go add to its popularity.

It was to my surprise that James Franco decided to sit in on my lunch date that afternoon, ordering nothing but a large mixed veggie juice. I was in awe, not only because he was handsome and famous, but that he could drink a completely green beverage with satisfaction.

Unlike my healthy-choice friend, I ordered a Spanish latte and the lunch-size margarita pizza, which consisted of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. What? A girl has to eat.

The Spanish latte was exquisite in both taste and appearance, since it was presented to me with a white foam design of what appeared to be a feather in the middle. The margarita pizza was also captivating to look at, but lacked a bit of spice in taste. It is a pizza you definitely do not need ranch for, since the mixture of fresh tomatoes and basil complement each other so well. However, a little crushed red pepper adds the taste it needs to send it over the top.

Urth Caffe in West Hollywood opened in 1994 and was awarded “#1 Coffee Restaurant in Los Angeles” by Los Angeles Magazine. It has definitely stayed true to its name and many celebs like Justin Bieber, Emma Roberts and Kylie Jenner would agree to this. If you are looking to spot a celeb in Hollywood or just dine like one, Urth Caffe is definitely a recommendation in my books. A little tip: Go on a Friday; you’ll have a higher chance of spotting a celeb.

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