99 Homes

Courtesy of Prodigy Films

Emily Elledge  |  Contributing Writer

Set in a run-down neighborhood ghetto, director Ramin Bahrani brings to life the grim reality for the victims of home evictions in his newest film titled 99 Homes. The movie is based upon families who are evicted from their homes, and it shows the raw emotion of each person. The film’s structure allows you to walk alongside the family through emotional ups and downs and experience the unknown fear of what happens next. With an opening scene of a man hunched over his own blood stains in his bathroom after committing suicide, it’s obvious the film is based upon a serious issue. The main character is Dennis Nash played by Andrew Garfield. He plays the role of a young father living with his son and mother in a generational family home where his mom runs her hair salon business. Nash attends a court hearing, and he’s cheated out of the deed to his home. Once unexpectedly evicted from their home by shady real estate broker Rick Carver, he gets into trouble by associating himself with job opportunities that test his morals. Due to his diligent construction working style, Carver ends up hiring him on as his own employee. Nash soon learns the mischievous secrets of Carver’s success. His newly gained job forces him to evict families just like his own. Eventually, he must decide between being paid more money than he’s ever imagined or remaining with his family who disagree with who he becomes. Nash realizes he’s turned into a clone of the man he

Courtesy of Prodigy Films
Courtesy of Prodigy Films

passionately hated at one point, and turns him and his company in to the authorities.

The movie was extremely realistic, and raw emotion was displayed throughout each scene. Watching Nash’s mother shed tears of pain when evicted causes the audience members to picture their own family hurting deeply, and not even the cruelest person would desire such a thing. The heartbrokenness of people losing precious estates and possessions draws in a massive amount of sympathy from the audience. It would be exactly what you would expect to feel and see if you were hands-on at a real home eviction. Overall, the informative content of the reality of home evictions is much stronger than any content to be wary about. A few aspects to be aware of when considering viewing this film are brief partying scenes, sexuality, strong language, and graphic content.

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