Hozier takes LA to church

Gina Ender  |  Contributing Writer

The feelings of anticipation were greater than his hair is curly.

When he finally walked out, the majority of what I heard was the high-pitched shrieking of fans over the distant strumming of guitar chords.Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.20.01 PM

The stage lit up as he stood front and center, ‘Hozier’ written in big, white letters behind him.

On Tuesday, October 13, I went to see Hozier at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The Irish-born indie rock artist has been a favorite of mine since I heard ‘Take Me to Church’ on the radio in my car over a year ago. His soulful and sultry voice is both comforting and moving, and his songs range from loving ballads to slow melodies that wrestle with faith and society.

One of the best aspects of the show was the fact that Hozier just about as excited to see the audience as we were to see him. He shared that one of his shows on his European tour was for an audience of a few hundred people, and that he felt honored to play for over 7,000 in LA.

As the singer only has one album to date, he played every song I had listened to on repeat while driving, while studying, and while dancing around with friends.

It was incredibly gratifying to realize that the singer sounded as he did recorded, his voice just as smooth and beautiful as his CD led fans to believe.

My absolute favorite part of the night came and went far too quickly, as my favorite song, ‘Jackie and Wilson’ was performed perfectly a few songs into the concert.

Hozier’s tour of the U.S. has come to a close as he heads off to Australia, leaving us with memories and slow jams to last until he returns.

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