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Morgan Eisenga | Staff Writer

The city of Chicago is a city that captivates any soul that walks the streets. Chicago is a city that is continually making history colorful. Especially after the Chicago Cubs overcoming a 108 year drought and winning the 2016 World Series. Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest and is surrounded by the most beautiful skylines and skyscrapers in the world.


The Chicago Tribune was originated in 1847 under the leadership of Joseph Medill. The Tribune changed the direction of journalism dramatically. In the beginning years, the Tribune was a leading anti-slavery newspaper and a vital role in the election of President Abraham Lincoln. The Tribune also transformed the look of papers using the three and four color printing and publishing the first color photograph.

pic-2  pic-3Cloud Gate which is mostly referred to as the “The Bean” is located in Millennium Park. The Bean was created by artist Anish Kooper. This beautiful 66 foot long, 33 feet high and 42 feet wide piece of art was created to reflect the beautiful skyline and lake of Chicago. This unique piece of art located in the middle of Chicago brings a whole new perspective of what art is – it pulls in your personal reflection, making it a hands-on experience.

pic-4  pic-5

Lake Shore Drive is Chicago’s most famous road; it extends for 16.4 miles from north to south. In 1899, Potter Palmer asked if his mansion would be extended to connect to the downtown area that ran along Lake Shore Drive and since then Lake Shore Drive has created a whole new vibrant significance to the city of Chicago. Lake Shore Drive borders beaches and Lake Michigan on the east side and by parks, skyscrapers and luxury living spaces on the west side.


Most importantly you cannot visit Chicago unless you go to a local pizzeria and enjoy a deep-dish pizza. This style of pizza is made a deep-dish pan and filled with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and mostly paired with an Italian sausage. Chicago deep-dish pizza is exactly what it says it is. It has brought a whole new crave to what pizza should taste like versus a thin crust New York Style pizza.

Chicago is a city of many trademarks and rich history. It is a more than just a windy city, but a city filled with potential that exceeds one’s thought of a what a big city should look like. From the beautiful Navy Pier, Willis Tower and to Wrigley Field, you will leave the city feeling more inspired and creative than ever before.

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