Opinion: Beauty in Singleness

Morgan Eisenga | Staff Writer

You are probably aware of the common slogan at Christian universities: Ring Before Spring. While the phrase may sounds silly, engagement or marriage in college is a desire for many.

I am not downplaying the beauty of being in a relationship, especially if this other person is someone after God’s heart and encourages you to love God more than ever.

But there is also so much beauty in the seasons of singleness that we often do not think about.

While single, you are able to focus your complete attention on God. I like to tell people, “You get to be completely selfish in the Lord.”

I am not saying when you get into a relationship that your focus is inevitably shifted away from

God, but instead of God being the only love in your life, you have another person who also deserves your attention.

I would be lying if I told you that I do not envision my wedding day and all the fairytales that come with it because believe me, I DO. I think about the day that I will walk down the aisle to the man God has chosen for me, and that I’ll get to spend forever with him by my side.

But our fairytales have already started.

God is currently forming, equipping and shaping us and our future spouses to become more like Him in serving His Kingdom in powerful ways. This way when we do come together with our mate, we become a POWERHOUSE together.

When we do meet our mate, we will miss the exquisiteness of being single, the opportunities to cherish, embrace and adore our most intimate days and conversations with God, and Him being the only One we long for.

But until that day has come, and God does bring a PRINCE or PRINCESS into our lives, continue to chase God and become more like Him in this time. Don’t reflect on the negatives of being single and miss the beauty and opportunities God has right in front of you to become a woman or man more after God’s heart. Then when you do come together, people around you will be saying, “WOW, they reflect God’s beauty together.”

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” says Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT). Don’t get too wrapped up in the slogan, Ring Before Spring idea, or you will become blinded to God’s timing and how beautiful it truly is.

God has a man or woman out there for you who will secure you just like Jesus secures you and keeps you safe, but don’t miss the beauty and opportunity you have right now in the season of singleness.

Prayer: May God continue to change our hearts inside and out, to chisel them into being more and more like His. Lord, please daily enlighten the eyes of our hearts to know the hope of Your calling and live in the full experience of Your pleasure in this season of singleness. Amen.

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