Let’s Resolve our New Year’s Resolutions

Kara Hinton | Staff Writer

New Year’s resolutions. We make them, but we rarely follow through with them. From attempting to eat healthier, to going to the gym more often, to being nicer to others––these resolutions are often kept for the first weeks but seldom continue into February. So how do we make our resolutions survive through January, moreover the entire year?

1)    Keep them realistic.

When making resolutions, don’t just make goals up that seem good for you in the moment or that would be advantageous in the long-run. Senior Nicole Arribere commented on keeping goals realistic: “New Year’s resolutions typically fail because people try to do a complete 180, making drastic changes, and they end up not being realistic. People are creatures of habit, so more likely than not they will at some point regress to their old ways of living.”

Make resolutions that you can actually follow through with for the entire year or for life. Don’t be discouraged from taking on resolutions that feel easy; those can often be the most successful because your success in keeping them encourages you to continue.

2)    They don’t need to be things you do every day.

It is very difficult to do something every day when it is not a part of your normal routine. It can take awhile to form it into a habit, so try making resolutions that you can do two or three times per week.  

Research shows from Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon in the 1950s, that it takes about 20 days to form a habit. Most people have the perception of resolutions that they are goals that we must keep up with every day. Don’t try to force yourself to do something you will grow tired of doing daily.

3)    Have accountability buddies.

If you are actually taking your resolutions seriously, then have an accountability buddy or buddies. It can be quite difficult to keep yourself accountable, but if you have friends are constantly checking up on you and making sure that you are sticking with your resolutions––it will make achieving them a whole lot easier.

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