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A final frenzy in Felix

By Guest Writer Riordan Zentler Colorful balloons and vibrant banners lined the entrance to the eclectic Last Dance. With its on-campus location and budget ticket price of $5, the Frenzy drew crowds of undergraduate students looking to let their hair down one more time before the impending finals week. Reggie Cutliff, senior social work major

Free the Captives club puts on human trafficking awareness event

By Guest Writer, Amanda White Christine Cesa, a survivor of human trafficking and exploitation, visited Azusa Pacific University April 16 in Seven Palms. The Free the Captives club invited Cesa to its last event for the semester to raise awareness of human trafficking and to fight modern-day slavery. Students Zach Latta, Andrew Shubin, Amber Hofland

Finals survival guide

The infamous finals week is no longer a faraway thought; it can’t be avoided any longer. For some Cougars on campus, this is the last week of spring finals ever, but for others, this is the first to date. While the exams can seem like an all-consuming dark cloud and never-ending to-do list, when they’re

Azusa Pacific rugby excels in their 2014-2015 season

By Guest Writer, EJ Beasley This year, the Azusa Pacific University rugby team had its best season in the program’s existence. The team showed resilience and perseverance as it had a couple of setbacks before the season started. The problems were so severe they nearly sank the team, but despite all the preseason distractions, the