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News: where to begin and why it matters

By Kayla Johnston As a journalism student, I am engaged with news on a daily basis. I read it, watch it, have conversations about it and am even tested on it. But something I’ve realized along the way (mostly by living with roommates who turn to me as their only news source) is that not

Learn to love the low-carb lifestyle

By Faith Vander Voort Low-carb/ketogenic diets are becoming increasingly popular in the weight-loss world.  Why?  Because they work!  Fatty foods do not make us fat, sugar does.  It’s that simple.  Quit counting calories and start counting carbs. First of all, you need to know the difference between the two types of carbs.  According to,

On being alone

By Sara Champlain My senior seminar class is in association with the English department and focuses on a writer’s creative process. As a facet of this class, we have to go on “artist date” where each person goes somewhere alone to invest in his or her creativity. Activities range from going on solo-walks to going

Quest: a healthy obsession

By Faith Vander Voort Most protein bars found in stores aren’t as healthy as the label advertises them to be. When looking at the nutrition facts, the grams of carbs and sugar from carbs are through the roof, and that is something to beware of.  After paying closer attention to labels and thinking about what

Galentine’s Day is the way to go

By Sara Champlain The first introduction the world had to “Galentine’s Day” was in 2010 on an episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Leslie, our beloved Amy Poehler, throws her annual Galentine’s Day party for her gal-pals on Valentine’s Day Eve. Although we are five years removed from its debut, Galentine’s Day feels like a

Change your hair, change your life

By Faith Vander Voort The days are getting longer and the sun is getting hotter. Let’s face it, seasons are changing – and so should you! Coco Chanel, a maven of all-things woman, once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”  It’s as easy as that ladies. Change your

Award show season cheat sheet

By Kayla Johnston November through February marks some of the best moments of the year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and perhaps most importantly, the season of awards shows. From Golden Globes to Oscars and everything in between, this is truly the best time of the year. If you’re not an active consumer of pop culture, music video

Spring’s staple sneakers

By Faith Vander Voort Ladies, 2015 is the year of the sneaker.  Brands like Converse, Vans and even Nike are stepping up their design-game to turn their traditional sneakers into standout statements. You are already beating your laziness by getting up and going to the gym, so why be lazy with your gym look?  Studies

GIG: Be on this year’s best dressed list

By Sara Champlain GIG is in 48 hours. Do you know what you’re wearing? I’m tired of the options we have when it comes to semi-formal attire. I simply refuse to succumb to a strapless taffeta dress embellished with a bedazzled rose sash, and I am really tired of Forever21. Can anyone relate? Are you